Monday, November 24, 2008

Stuff your Sorrow Carbs

Most women I know like to eat ice cream and watch sappy movies when their hearts are broken. I don't like ice cream all that much, but I do love carbs. They seem to hit the heartbreak pretty well for me. Last night, after lots and lots of headache inducing crying, I figured I needed to eat something before bed. And since I've been in the throes of really starting to fall for this guy, I had no groceries. That's such a bad thing for when they break it off with you. There's no food.

Rice. That's about it. Oh, and some beef broth in the back of the cupboard. That's a good start. I always make my rice with broth instead of water - it gives it a depth of flavor and gives you something to base other flavors on. I sauteed some garlic and onion in olive oil, un-froze a few peas and threw all that in when the rice was done.

Then I ate it.

All of it.

Because I was sad.

1 comment:

saratogajean said...

I'm sad I didn't get to eat any of it.

At least we're not sad alone.