Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trying New Things

So, I have been reading on several (well - like a ton) of blogs about the goodness that is baked kale chips. And I was leery, people. Quite leery. Greens don't get crunchy, they get soggy and slimy. I'm not a fan of greens. I wish I was. I try to like them. I really do.

Then smittenkitchen tried them. And she said they didn't suck, so when I was at the grocery store, I picked up some kale because I WANT to like new things, yanno?I mixed up way too much olive oil and sea salt and added way too much garlic for good measure. My capacity for extremes might have been the problem here.
See this bag? It's pre-cut, which in essence makes the pieces a bit too small for "chips."
Here's some smothered kale on a cooking sheet.
Then I baked it. Don't ask me to remember at what temperature or how long. Follow smitten kitchen's recipe, my oven is totally messed up.

And it WAS crispy! It was savory! I could like it, I think. If I hadn't gone overboard with the olive oil and garlic. I will try again, because of course I have a whole other half bag of kale to deal with and I ate it raw in a salad the other day and that was... not so pleasant. Yuck. I was SO hoping to like it because some of the free heirloom seeds I got were for kale. But I think I'm going to pass on planting it. Because I love my garden so much and I don't want to grow things I won't eat. I'll pass them along to someone else.

But it's worth a try guys, just don't do what I did and mess with the recipe. OK?


Meigan said...

I like steamed kale bathed in vinegar & sprinkled with sea salt. It's the bohemian in me. Love it. Crispy kale looks...interesting. I'll take it steamed, though. You should plant at least a few!

Anonymous said...

'Then smittenkitchen tried them. And she said they didn't suck'

this is the best!

ha ha ha...love it,

clearness said...

You should just move to the street I live on........and cook for us, you wouldn't mind, would you? Our winters are slightly better!

TMC said...

This flippin boggles mah mind!!